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Your Membership Options

No matter how you plan to get in shape, you can do it at Acceleration Fitness Center. We’ve got a variety of membership packages to fit your lifestyle. You can join Acceleration Fitness Center by simply dropping by and signing up in person.  On-line sign-ups coming soon.

3 month

$300 + gst

Unlimited gym usage in the fitness centre side.  Selectorized and plate loaded machines, variety of cardio equipment - Jacob's Ladder, Speed Mills, Treadmills, Assault bike and more!  We have everything to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Let's get it!

6 Month

$75 + gst/month

This is our most popular membership category, providing flexibility for people on the go. It comes with towel service, private parking, lockers and shower room. You live a busy life, so your membership should reflect your lifestyle. Come in today to get started on your training package!


$65 + gst/month

Our Annual membership option gives our members the flexibility to use the facilities. Our Annual pricing is simple, straightforward, and competitive with other gym memberships.  Not to mention, welcoming and comfortable! 

We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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Please note: All membership packages carry a 1 time facility improvement fee of $35

Super High




Let's Do SHIIT

You all have heard of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) but have you heard of super High Intensity Interval Training (sHIIT)?


  • We have the best training template laid out to lead you through the most effective workout in only 30 minutes. 

  • sHIIT is a circuit style group work out led by our top trainers with a maximum of 6 people per class. 

  • Tue/Thur 6am and 630am; 6pm and 630pm.  More classes to be added! If you have a group and preferred time slot, please let us know and we may add that slot in!

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